Our method of self-defense instruction was developed to insure that students could defend themselves against a real attack.  Regardless of your experience or physical condition, Ocala BJJ will teach you how to use your leverage and body mechanics to defend yourself successfully against your aggressor.

A clear indicator of the effectiveness and practicality of the BJJ system of self-defense is that law enforcement agencies and military combat units all over the globe have selected Jiu-Jitsu to be the hand-to-hand combat choice for their training.

At Ocala BJJ, you will learn how to easily and effectively address the most common forms of street aggression without having to be flexible, fast, strong, tall, or muscular.  The techniques and unique teaching method  used in our facility have been perfected by Helio Gracie over a span of 80 years.  The result is a system of self-defense that’s both effective and humane.




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